Fox Meter Incorporated manufactures one of the broadest lines of standard panel instrumentation in the industry today. If you need to display serial data, Fox has a product to fill your needs:
F300 - Available in RS232, RS422, and current loop versions for reliable connection to virtually any device with a serial output. Built in software includes drivers for a wide range of intelligent sensors and scales. F300 serial remote display Modbus RTU remote display FP300 - 4-digit 0.8" character height serial remote display with Modbus RTU protocol.
FA/FB/FG/FH/FJ300 - The same high performance features as the F300 series with 1", 3", or 5" tri-color displays in rugged stainless steel enclosures. large format serial remote displays 2 digit Modbus RTU F000-988 - 2.3" character height, Modbus RTU serial remote display.

Made in the U.S.A.

Fox Meter Inc., 5403 Patton Dr. Unit 218, Lisle, IL. 60532-4625
Phn: (630) 968-3635 Fax: (630) 541-8804